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ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO/TS16949 Certified Company

JAMAK has been your source for Continuous, Innovative, Solutions since its incorporation in 1971. JAMAK, a wholly owned subsidiary of JMK International, Inc., was created through the merger of several silicone and organic rubber fabricators. Utilizing the collective strengths of each organization, JAMAK has built a progressive company that consistently reaches for and meets the challenges of a changing global environment.

Today, JAMAK has a global manufacturing presence with facilities located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia . In addition to providing the technical and production resources to meet your real world challenges, JAMAK compounds its own raw materials in-house, reducing crucial lead times to our customers.

Worldwide, JAMAK companies employ over 450 dedicated and skilled associates, engineers, chemists and technicians who care about the quality and workmanship of your products. Let our commitment to continuous, innovative, solutions propel your products to the forefront of your industry.

  • 1973 - Operations move to Texas and begin manufacturing as Jamak Fabrication.
  • 1984 - Jamak purchases Silicone Fabrications, Ltd. (now Jamak Fabrication Europe).
  • 1987 - Jamak compounding divisions sold to Dow Corning, integrated into Dow STI
  • 1988 - Jamak opens L.C. Klenk Center for Design, Development and Testing.
  • 1999 - Additional 50,000 sq. ft. added to US facility
  • 2004 - Jei Mei China facility opened.

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