Jamak Gives Drivers the First Fully Recyclable Wiper Blade


Tripledge Green Wiper Blade


JAMAK Fabrication joins the green campaign and answers consumers’ needs

Fort Worth, TX – APRIL 1, 2010 – You recycle your cans and plastic, you don’t buy bottled water anymore; you traded in your gas guzzler for a hybrid. Good for you! But there is still more you can do, and Jamak is here to help.

In 2009, 10 million new cars were sold and 14 million cars were scrapped (www.Earthpolicy. org). Now, if each of these cars has at least two wiper blades, that’s 48 million rubber wiper blades bound for a landfill somewhere. Not good. But you can’t drive around without wiper blades. It’s just not practical, nor is it safe. So what’s a good GREEN Samaritan to do?

Jamak Fabrication, one of the largest manufacturers of wiper blades, has created the Tripledge® GREEN Wiper Blade ‐ the first ever 100% fully recyclable wiper blade. The Tripledge® GREEN Wiper Blade is a high‐quality, durable, silicone blade produced so that all components can be recycled. Silicone is not a petroleum‐based product; therefore it is easily recyclable, unlike organic rubber squeegees. Jamak has created a unique technology which can repolymerize the silicone blade 100% back into a raw polymer product and make new silicone products immediately. No landfill. No partial recycling.

Most typical blades are made of rubber which deteriorates over time. However, like tires, this material tends to sit around and create a problem. The Tripledge® GREEN Blade alleviates this problem. Here are some facts:


The Tripledge® GREEN Wiper Blade’s packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Consumers can recycle their packaging and the metal frame from their wiper blades in their at‐home recycling bins. The silicone can then be returned to Jamak to be reclaimed and made into new automotive parts.


JAMAK wants to encourage customers to recycle their Tripledge® GREEN Blades once they need to be replaced (The National Highway Transportation Board recommends that drivers change their wiper blades every year). When customers send in their old Tripledge blades to Jamak, the company will recycle them 100%!

“Our customers are a direct reflection of our society, which is more concerned with the environment than ever before,” says Jamak Chairman Al Micallef. “Our hope is to provide a top‐of‐the‐line product in the green category that can help us all decrease our carbon footprint on the planet.”


The Tripledge® GREEN Blade is meant to last the lifetime of your car and even longer. It is so durable that it comes with a Lifetime Warranty*. With only one set of Tripledge® GREEN Blades needed for your car as opposed to many normal blades changed regularly, Tripledge® GREEN Blades are the ultimate product in recycling because they produce less waste and are fully recyclable.

*Lifetime warranty applies to all Tripledge® GREEN Blades for the lifespan of the owner’s vehicle and is not transferable to other vehicles.

Did you know?

  • 61% of people surveyed about green products, admitted that they plan to convert to green for their automobiles
  • 16% stated that, currently, green auto parts are NOT easily available through their local retailers
  • Four out of five consumers buy green despite the economy
  • 101,785,714 organic wiper blades are sold annually in the U.S.
  • 3,138,767 lbs of wiper squeegee petroleum by‐product waste is produced annually in the U.S.
  • Tripledge GREEN Wipers are biodegradable, durable and fully recyclable.
The annual amount of petroleum wiper waste from organic rubber wipers is equivalent to:

  • 2 football fields covered in 1 foot of petroleum wiper waste (in U.S.)
  • Nearly 6 football fields covered in 1 foot of petroleum wiper waste (globally)
  • It takes 8 lbs of crude oil to make 1 lb. of synthetic rubber polymer
  • Organic rubber squeegees can NOT be recycled

The Tripledge® GREEN Blade is a silicone blade, which can be turned back into a polymer, a much quicker and easier process than trying to recycle traditional rubber.

All of Jamak’s products go through vigorous and extensive testing to maximize durability and effectiveness. With that same commitment to excellence, Tripledge® GREEN Blades are guaranteed for as long you own your car. The Tripledge® GREEN Blade will be available at convenience stores and gas stations nationwide, as well as online at www.TheWiperStore.com.

For more information on the Tripledge® GREEN Blade and other Jamak wiper blade products, please visit www.TheWiperStore.com or call 1‐800‐517‐7600.

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